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oh, have i got a story for you!


What CAN we change?


I'm only now just getting back into the swing of work after the summer holidays.


I wanted to inspire you to go out and do something today.


A lady posted in a Facebook group how a young girl was trying to get her sister to dive into the swimming pool. The younger girl was obviously frightened of the water and diving in headfirst. (we've all been there right) Anyway, an elderly lady swam over and said - ok, so you are scared, feel scared and do it anyway. And of course, she did.


We can all learn the lesson from this - we are scared, things do make us fearful. Taking steps to achieve our goals and move forward is more important than a few butterflies.


I've just cleaned off my notes app in the iMac which had long interested ideas on things I wanted to do and didn't date 2014 onwards. Thinking about what I could have achieved now if I had leapt then makes me want to weep.


But it is done, and I must make the most of today, tomorrow and this year. Are you with me?


So many shop owners haven't started their shops yet, they just haven't pressed publish. Here are some of the best excuses ....


I need to have 50 items ready before I begin

I don't know what to call my shop

I haven't decided who my audience are

What if no one buys my stuff

Each of my items must be perfect

What if I can't keep up with orders I don't want my family to know, laugh or talk to me about it

My shop will look rubbish I can't take photos

What can I do about a logo


The list is endless... None of my items are perfect; my name is not perfect, my photos are not perfect, I've delivered the wrong files, I've spelt one word wrong 123 times across my listings.

But, for one brief moment, I said.....be scared and jump.


Rather like those friends who say they want a baby, but it will be better to have one when we have more money, a bigger house, a different job. 


Each one of us has a list of little things and a list of more essential things which we will not get done for one reason or another. But today will not be one of those days. Let's not wait around for perfect, as there are great things you can do; I can do, we can do together.


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Have a great weekend

xo Trina


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