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Welcome to the1st edition of the Heart Of It – a newsletter focused on spreading a message of encouragement, kindness, and grace. I’ll be providing you with tools and ideas that I believe are worth sharing. Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Let’s jump into it! 

Summer flew by at rapid speed. While it has been a little quieter on the podcast front – it’s been bustling behind the scenes! This summer, I had my first ever intern. Thankfully, her and my marketing strategist have been working on my website, social media, and we've created several downloadable toolkits for you. This is an excellent reminder that sometimes the best way to make traction is to surround yourself with people who can support your goals - you don't have to do it all by yourself.


Does September feel like December to anyone else?

The frenzy of activities, kids heading back-to-school, and still trying to squeeze in some last-minute fun can be a bit of a dance! It is the time of year when new commitments emerge: volunteer at school, take on new projects, attend this auction, sign your kids up for sports, carpooling, tutoring – ahhh, the list goes on! In the midst of this, I'm trying to stay intentional about my self-care and making sure that I have some room in my schedule to write and think creatively. It’s really the only thing that keeps me sane. 


Here's what I'm trying to figure out... What do I say"no" to? I'm going back to the basics and start by paying attention to the things that drain me versus the things that give me energy. Yes, the truth is, we cannot do it all. Better to spend our energy on what is dear to us and let go of the rest.


Here I go! I am officially creating my STOP DOING LIST right now. Thanks to Janelle Bruland, author of The Success Lie for the inspiration. If you need more ideas on how to edit your life, listen to Episode 13 with Janelle and download your own worksheet to create your stop doing list today. Trust me. It feels invigorating! 👍


Behind the scenes

Episode #14: Stories of Resilience: Blind Faith
This is a story of resilience, and Clark Roberts is truly an amazing man. He is a sports enthusiast and has been blind since the age of 24. As we sat down, I listened to Kerry, his wife, describe each element of the room we were recording in great detail to Clark. Once again, it struck me. If we slow down and decide to be present,we see so much more.Clark may not see with his physical eyes, but he certainly sees with his heart. It reminds that each day, we get to choose our perspective. We can decide to love, show compassion, give kindness freely, and often – it only takes intention and presence. 

Want to see something incredible? Watch the video of Clark waterskiing with us on Radar Lake this summer.

Shout-outs from others

ToHalf-Life, for interviewing me in their new YouTube Series. They a new start-up dedicated to helping people live a soul-filled and adventurous life through engaging in an active lifestyle. And, that’s something that I am a firm believer in!


To Jordan Steele for inviting me to talk about Imperfection Wins Podcast on King5's Take 5 last week! It was a fun (and slightly nerve-wracking) experience that I'm so grateful for!

Helping you grow

What am I So Afraid of?
I developed this for you! Initially debuted in Episode #2 of the podcast, but you can download this activity anytime you want to tell your fears to take a hike! 

Article: How And Why To Do a Life Audit
Every now and then it’s important to take a step back and check-in. Read this excellent article to help you get started.

What I am reading

Essentialism by Greg McKeown
This book rocked my world! I so badly want to be an essentialist.

The Success Lie by Janelle Bruland
Excellent book with so many applicable life tips on simplifying and making choices. Listen to Episode 13of the podcast for the inside scoop!

Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
This is next on my list. I watched Michael Singer on Super Soul Sunday and cannot wait to read it! Hoping for some nuggets on peace, serenity, and mindset.

Updates on Gary & his hand-crafted hearts

I've gotten so many requests for hearts over the last 8 months. Gary is having such a great time making them that he is now experimenting with different types of wood. This little heart business is meaningful to Gary, but also all of you! Don’t forget to request an imperfect heart! It would be our pleasure to send you one.  If you have sent me a request for a heart or cross, you should be receiving yours shortly.

Be good to yourself

Calm app
Y’all, this is an amazing! It is a subscription based app, but I promise you, it is worth it! You’ll find everything from guided meditation, music and even bedtime stories for adults. I haven't been able to make it through Matthew McConaughey's bedtime story yet...that voice!

Intentionally schedule time for the things that give you energy! It might look something like this monthly schedule from@bossbabe.inc:

  • 1 Lunch date with a friend
  • 24 hours no social media
  • 1 Day outdoors
  • 1 Night out with friends
  • 1 Date night (even with just yourself)
  • 1 Breakfast meet up with friends
  • 1 Movie night
  • 1 Day serving others
  • 1 Day completely to yourself

Thank you for reading my first newsletter - I hope you found a few nuggets to help you grow. I'd love to hear from you, feel free to reply here or find me on social media. Until next month...

With courage, kindness, and grace,




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