In biZness we all know about action steps, but what about what else can generate for your biZness? BEING what attracts to your biZness is equally as important as DOING your biZness. This local networking group is designed to explore those options with local biZness leaders, healers & conscious guides to assist us in raising our frequency to attract the highest possible outcome for all involved. 





We invite you to a Multidimensional Treat, a Journey of Sound with Avilone Starre on 12/19/19 at the 
One Dojo in Boulder


For our December's Sacred Side event I am super excited to introduce you to Avilone Starr www.avilonestarre.com a Multidimensional Sound Healer who uses healing sound for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, for total well-being, has been recognized by ancient cultures as a powerful, effective tool! I bring that awareness to our modern world in the experiential work I offer through gongs and other indigenous instruments.


Thursday, December 19th

7:30pm - 9:00pm



On the 19th of December you ARE INVITED to come experience a Sound Journey at the One Dojo in Boulder. You can learn all about the One Dojo at http://bit.ly/1Dojo.


This will be a warm and wonderful experience for all. Like our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, we honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are a part of and since the Winter Solstice is nearing (Saturday the 21st) I felt that a powerful dose of Sound Healing would be a delightful treat for all you hard working co-creating biZness owners!  

This will be a great opportunity to honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all.


Avilone is going to assist us in clearing out the stagnant energy needing to be released, in order for us to fill up with all the energies we desire for this 
Sagittarius month. 


What is the One Dojo in Boulder? 

Since it's December and we've all been working on our biZnesses, I really wanted to do something fun and rewarding for you all. I met Avilone, and experienced her Sound Healing.  The next day, I had a phone call with my estranged brother, who hadn't spoken to me in over a year and a half.  We had a heart opening conversation and moved past the wounding and the hurt. I was so grateful to have this experience and I believe Avilone's Sound Experience, opened the channels for that to occur. Most of us have not heard of a DOJO and since Sacred Side's intention is to open opportunities for local biZness - this felt like a universal perfect match for Avilone's Sound Experience.  Abel Villacorta,  Dojo Director & Lead Instructor of Boulder Ki Aikido at the One Dojo has welcomed us to their space on December 19th and as in perfect flow, I'm sure this will be a wonderful experience.  Please take a moment to check out their website and learn more! 




This year was an experiment. Can we gather women locally, share some stories, some painting, some laughter, some love and some learnings.  It may have not been the most organized or fast paced, but it did exist. This was one of my goals this year and I am grateful to have had this experience, to meet some great women and a few great men at our gatherings. My intention was to introduce biZness owners with new biznesses in town to co-create a win-win opportunity for all.  I feel like we did that.  


My question to those who have attended:

Was it fun? 

DId you gain business from it? 

Would you continue going next year? 

Should we continue this Sacred Side or has it been enough?  


Your feedback is important and appreciated.  I hope I made a dent in your reality moving towards a new perspective with your biZness.  Such a big Thank you to all our Speakers who came out and shared themselves and their businesses, I know we are all grateful. 


Many blessingz to all of you on this list this winter solstice and into 2020! 

P.S. We may have a vision boarding gathering, stay tuned. 

In Gratitude, Zan