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Setting Goals

This month I want to talk to you about setting goals for your social media.  This is something most people do at the beginning of every year: they give themselves a new year’s resolution.  


You set goals for every other aspect of your life and business, right?  Are you setting goals for your social media? If not, here is something to help get you started;

Your business goals will inform your social media goals, and your social media goals will inform your social media strategy.

If your business goal is to sell more wine in your online store, your social media goal could be to increase the amount of monthly website clicks you have on Instagram by 15%.  So, your social media strategy could be to make sure you are adding a call to action to "visit the link in bio" at the end of all of your posts.


Or maybe your business goal is to increase your visitors to your brewery.  Your social media goal could then be to increase your average engagement per post by, say, 10%. Your strategy for this could be to make posts about happenings in your pub and asking your followers to tag a friend they'd bring with them.


Here are some examples of the goals I set for myself and for my clients’ social media accounts:


Grow to xxxx amount of followers by xx/xx date.

Up my average engagement rate by xx% every month

Get xx website clicks per post

Sign up x new people to mailing list each week.

I reevaluate these goals Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually.  Something you aim for in January may not align with your goals in June.  So it’s important to check in with yourself, your business, and your life often.  

Craft & Cluster Updates

Print Shop

I have updated my website (again), but this time, I've added a print shop!  Click here to order your prints.  I will be offering my email list subscribers 10% off print orders and free shipping from now until the end of the month. Use code C&C2019.


Road to Wine Expert Podcast

I was a guest on a podcast! Brian McCann of the Road to Wine Expert podcast very kindly asked me to chat with him last month about my history in the wine industry, how I pivoted into photography, as well as why I think Santa Barbara Wine Country is the bee's knees.  I don't have details of when my episode will drop, but it should be some time this month.  Subscribe to Road to Wine Expert wherever you listen to podcasts!


Home Life

Bobby recently made me an Oatmeal Stout!  We will be carbonating it this week, so if you are around, come have a taste! Don't forget to follow @hopfunk on Instagram to stay up to date on his home brewing adventures.

Otto & Jackson are displaying just how pathetic they are when the temperature drops below 65 degrees F by shivering and refusing to go on morning walks.

The chickens are still molting or recovering from molting.  Egg production has ceased for the winter. It's a good thing they are so cute.

Until the new decade, my friend!