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Happy New Year! 


Holy moly, what a year it has been. I started a business and then six months later I started this email list to help make social media just a little easier for you.  I hope that you have found the information valuable thus far! Today’s tip is a helpful strategy I have been using recently to help create content for myself and my clients.

Content Categories

These categories help me when I’m feeling stuck for something to talk about on a post.  I’ll look back on my recent content and see if there is something within my categories I haven’t talked about recently.  Jasmine suggests using these categories in order, but sometimes I have a lot of things to say on a single category or sometimes my categories overlap, and that is totally fine! 


Use your best judgement for this!

When crafting your categories, think about what things are relevant for your business… but here are a few examples of categories I think most businesses should include:


-Meet Our Team

-What’s going on in the

   winery/brewery/vineyard etc

-The Experience: talk about what kind

    of experience your guests or clients       can expect from you.

Here are some miscellaneous ideas for you to consider for your business:


-Wine Scores/Accolades


-Wine or Beer Tips (examples: how to

   decant, what glassware to use, etc)

-Neighborhood Happenings (are there      non-competing events in the area?

-User Generated Content (more on this

   in a future email)

Finally, when you are creating your list of categories, remember the three main reasons your target market is using social media for:


To be entertained

To be informed

To create connections


If any of your categories aren’t filling one or more of those needs, then rethink how you present that category when creating content!

Craft & Cluster Updates


Each year I set a number of goals corresponding to the year (19 for 2019, 20 for 2020, you get the idea). Last year one of my goals was to get Craft & Cluster up and running, so, you know... nailed it.  This year my goals vary from small-ish things like "get a second composter" to big things like "have a $10k month."  You can check out some of my goals here. I'll update you on the progress of them periodically!


Home Life

Bob has still been killing it with Hop Funk.  He just kegged his most recent beer, an ode to the original Modern Times' Blazing World.  Check out the Hop Funk Instagram to learn more!

Otto & Jackson just had a blast visiting my dad's house for the holidays.  He has just about one acre of land in the foothills of Pasadena, with all kinds of awesome things like bunnies and escaped parrots for the boys to chase and harass. It is quite exciting for two small dogs who are used to watching me edit photos all day.

One of the chickens, Miss Patty, has started laying again! Huzzah! It would appear that Babette is getting pretty close to laying again as well. Leia... well, Leia is mostly there because she is pretty and her feathered feet are hilarious.  




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