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Resolutions: A Waste of Time or Useful?

  • Do you think that some of us become comfortable with miserable?
  • Have you ever considered what makes you happy?



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The Reasoning:

When someone is expressing their discontentment about a situation, sometimes our reflex is to diminish their concerns by showing them how their situation isn’t as bad as they think. When people are expressing pain or unhappiness, more than anything, they want you to listen to them. Just talking about things helps us all feel better. 


By stating one of the “at least” statements, you are invalidating their feelings, suggesting that they should be satisfied with their current situation, and implying that they are being ungrateful. As friends, we should support our friend’s journeys to finding their happiness.



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introducing my journey to 50

2020 marks the year I turn 50 - and through the years I've learned a thing or two about love, life, and myself. Each week I'll be sharing a rule or revelation I learned a long the way.


THIS WEEK'S Revelation

The continent of Africa is a place from which all Black-Americans can and should be proud to originate.



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