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I've realized this year that winter really hits me in early January.  

It's not a season that I love, and it comes on stronger each year.  


In the fall and early part of winter, I'm in a flutter of getting excited about sweaters and boots, cozy fireplace time, warm yoga studios and sweet holiday traditions.

But as soon as the buzz starts to settle, the stark reality sets in.  The combination of the decreasing vitamin D levels until the spring shift, the gray skies and the cold hit me quite hard and I do feel it more with age.


I don't have the answer to erasing this shift that settles in unwaveringly.  But I have stepped back and looked at it more curiously this year instead of succumbing to it or fighting it.  And I've put into place some little tools that truly bring a little more warmth :


- I've purchased a few plants.  (Mighttttt have been more than a few).  Surrounding my space with growth is always uplifting, and it's really helped this season.


- I slowed down.  A yoga student of mine was telling me last week about how her word for the year is ease.  I related to this on so many levels.  


- I'm beginning each day with room temp lemon water.  I have played with this on and off in the past but have been really aligned with it this season.  Drinking lemon water first thing energizes me for the morning and helps get me going for the day.


- I am cleaning & minimizing a bit.  Does cleaning sometimes feel like self care to you too?  It really does for me sometimes.  Especially when it's to organize a part of my life or space in a different way that will serve me better.  In remembering that this actually feels really good and coming to the task over and over in different ways, it's helped to shift a cold day.  I'm spring cleaning over here a little early this year.


- I've been incorporating more super foods into my diet and this has simultaneously triggered me to crave less sugar and more whole foods all around.  I really see the correlation between what I'm putting into my body and how I'm feeling. 


- I am really listening to my needs.  Tired?  I'm taking a nap.  Not feeling the studio?  I'm practicing at home.  Burnt out?  I'm saying no and slimming down my schedule.  Actually listening to what I'm needing moment to moment has been essential this season.      


- I'm surrounding myself with things that I love.  Getting present with my family.  Work that excites me.  I'm seeking education where I'm curious.


- I'm trying to be available for connections.  I get into shut down mode during this time of year and feel more introverted.  I'm listening to that when I need to, but also trying to really keep up communication and connections where it feels great.  I've seen a shift by staying conscious of this.


What are your self care go to's when winter hits?

I'm excited to be kicking off the Sunday Self Care Journal, it's been in my head and heart for awhile now.


In this issue, I'm talking about winter self care, the launch of the online studio space, the oil blend I'm obsessed with right now, I'm sharing a recap of a December pop up event and talking about some upcomings.


Thank you for reading.  

I hope that this journal becomes a happy love note in your inbox.


You've probably heard by now that I launched the MoonRise Online Studio Space!


It has been a dream for a long time and at the end of 2019, I decided to stop dreaming and make it a reality.  I had been craving the connection of a community of like minded women looking to tune into their home yoga practice and self care.  I love this in a studio space, but for me there is something magical about having it always at my finger tips and being able to unroll my mat wherever and however it makes sense.


In this launch stage, I'm still feeling out what the exact schedule will be.  I can tell you that as a member, you will always have access to my library of content.  I've decided to put together both single classes and series.  The classes will range in length between 5 min and roughly an hour, so that you can choose them based on the time you have available to practice.  It will continue to evolve throughout the next month as I build up our library of content and announce the schedule so that you know what to expect from it and when new regular classes will post (they will be posting regularly & at least one weekly).


Thank you so much for your encouragement and support throughout this process!

I'm so EXCITED that it is here.  It is actually fulfilling me greatly this winter and I hope it does the same for you.


The first class to launch was part one of a twelve month series surrounding the full moon!  Insider info...there will be the same for the new moon ;) . You'll quickly learn about me that I'm fascinated by the phases of the moon and the way the shifts impact us or can serve us if we tap in.  


I'm offering the MoonRise Online Studio Space for free for a month if you sign up during our launch month, before February 10th (it will switch to a week free trial after that) and at 50% off for the life of your membership if you sign up before January 20th as a thank you for being an original member.


I've been SO GRATEFUL for the various pop up events lately and it's been just amazing to meet so many of you.  I have a LOT more up my sleeve moving forward, you can expect this to be a regular thing.  I wanted to shout out some upcoming events and really hope to see you there!  

Reply if you're coming :)

deep house yoga




1.23.20 | 6:30pm



I will be DJing your flow and Ashton August will be leading your practice.  



This event is FUN, the Yoga will excellent and the music will be DEEP and Underground, well thought out, played with HEART.
This event has been created to help you CONNECT to those around, cause everybody knows we need more of that in 2020. More LOVE less SEPARATION. 
Come get your feel-good hormones regulated by connecting, moving your body, dancing & enjoying yourself.



1.24.20 | 7:30pm



I will be co-leading this event with Lisa Reeder (fun fact, Lisa and I met at teacher training YEARS ago!)  



The moon represents deep feminine wisdom. Engaging regularly with the moon cycles is a powerful way to become intimately connected with the phases of birth, death, and rebirth. 

In our lives, we too are constantly moving through these cycles, seasons, and changes. Connecting to and working with the moon as she cycles, creates a life of deeper meaning and more authentic connection as we are able to live a life with more awareness and intention. 

Join us in a women’s circle as we practice grounding techniques, breathwork, gentle yoga and development of our intuition. We will share space with each other to receive, connect, and create.


february full (snow) moon yoga flow




2.6.20 | time tba



I had SO MUCH FUN at January's Full Moon Yoga Flow this past Thursday (I'll recap this in February!).  We are coming together for another fun upbeat flow under the full moon in February.


Save the date, I'll be linking to tickets next week.


dreamy vinyin + dreamcatcher diy



2.27.20 | time tba



The reaction when I teased this event on Thursday night at the Full Moon Flow was PRICELESS.  I've thought back to it at least a handful of times since, you were SO EXCITED and it made me smile big!  I can't wait for this one either.


We will meet on our mats for a super dreamy VinYin practice and follow it up with a dreamcatcher DIY session.


Save the date, I'll be linking to tickets next week.





Diffusing it, spraying it, bathing in it.  Haha!  This has been my go to right now.  


GRAPEFRUIT is a mood balancer and may help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  It has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects (perfect for this flu season!).

To me, it's so uplifting and shifts my mood in an instant.

Always be careful when applying a citrus based oil directly to your skin when it comes to sun exposure.  

It can make you more sensitive to a burn while it's on your skin.


VANILLA is said to be an antioxidant, aphrodisiac, antimutagenic, antidepressant and relaxing.  I find it super grounding and love the balance of it with grapefruit.


I'm making some essential oil sprays and blends.  

Reply if you'd like to reserve one and I can bring it at the next pop up you're attending, or coordinate shipping it to you.




super sweet pop up in 

mirus gallery, denver last month. 

to celebrate the winter solstice.

On December 19th, we met in Mirus Gallery DEN for the Winter Glow Flow + Jade Mala Bracelet Making.  It was a magical evening.


I will be totally honest that part of my creating this event was self care for ME with the onset of winter haha!  I wanted to celebrate it instead of fear it.


We had such a fun night in the beautiful Mirus Gallery.  We were immersed in lighting that mimicked a winter sunset and surrounded by beautiful art that popped in color (Sandra Chevrier Solo Exhibition) for our flow.  Then after, we gathered as a community and learned how to make mala bracelets (have you ever made a mala?

I was proud of this group, it's not an easy task!) and they came out awesome.


I look forward to this event next year.


Images by Rachael Sabell.






After noticing the announcement of an Elizabeth Gilbert tour stop in Denver this spring (already have tickets in hand!) and just to spark some extra MAGIC as winter hit, I decided to re-read Big Magic.  This book is SO inspiring from any creative perspective.  Have you read it?

xo, jenny


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