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Do you believe that in coming years we will see an increase in Black people challenging, contesting and/or protesting discrimination and marginalization?

  • What’s something that you know you need to walk away from? 
  • What’s stopping you from doing it?


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The Reasoning:

Race is not monolithic and people are entitled to self-identify. It is not for you to adjudicate the legitimacy of someone’s race or culture.



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the travel corner

  • Where I was: Accra, Ghana
  • The Vibe: Wakanda - seriously, it's home and it's dope
  • What it's Known For: In America, the entire continent of Africa is known for being poor and destitute. Don't believe the lies
  • Where I stayed: Kempinski Gold Coast
  • What I recommend Doing: Getting custom clothes made, eating traditional food, going dancing at some of the amazing clubs, hangout at Labadi Beach, visiting Cape Coast and Elmina Castles, go restaurant & bar hopping down Oxford Street, shopping at Makola Market


introducing my journey to 50

2020 marks the year I turn 50 - and through the years I've learned a thing or two about love, life, and myself. Each week I'll be sharing a rule or revelation I learned a long the way.


THIS WEEK'S Revelation

It is not a Black person’s job to make others feel better about or more comfortable with racism.



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