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How my client & I created 3 posts in thirty minutes
by looking at what their customers tagged them in:

Creating captions for your posts can be a real bitch. The biggest frustration my clients face when creating content is that they feel like they don’t have anything to say; they just don’t know what will resonate with their audience!


But guess what? The secret to amazing captions is living right in the middle of the posts your customers are tagging you in.


Last week I sat down with one of my clients and we sifted through the posts they had been tagged in. We jotted down three general topics that were cropping up again and again amongst these user-generated posts, and then we began writing captions that touched on each of those topics. 

Within thirty minutes were able to create three separate posts, and what’s more, those three posts inspired even more post ideas!

Your customers know exactly what they want and if you listen carefully, they will tell you.  Take fifteen minutes every two weeks to go through the posts you’ve been tagged in and I will bet that caption creation won't be as big of a headache as it once was. 

Furthermore, because these are topics your customers actually want to hear about and will resonate with, these posts are likely to perform extremely well! Two birds. One stone.

Craft & Cluster Updates

Print Shop

This year I will be taking 20 sunset photos in 2020 and the first photo of this series is available for purchase in my print shop!  If you've always wanted to support Craft & Cluster, but don't live nearby, my print shop is an excellent way to show your love--PLUS you get a sweet print to hang on your wall!Click here to purchase!

One Year Anniversary!
That's right! On Tuesday, February 4, I will be celebrating my one year anniversary of being in business! To celebrate I will be offering a 10% discount AND free shipping in my print shop until the end of the month! Use code C&Cpaper


Home Life

Bobby is VERY excited that dryuary is over, because, and I quote, "having a beer by myself is a bummer." He just carbonated his latest HopFunk beer, an English Pale Ale, which he is calling "Blackbeard's Bitter." It's delicious!
Otto & Jackson have been fascinated by a barn owl that's been hanging out in the backyard at night. And by fascinated, I mean they completely lose their minds over it every night.
The chickens are still cute and still not laying very many eggs. Rude.




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