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January was a long, crazy, milestone month. Not only did This Is Not How It Ends officially release, but I turned 50! My one piece of advice for anyone fretting about aging: if you have gratitude in your heart, you'll find your happiness.

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Thank you for sharing this journey with me. While you're all reading and experiencing Charley, Philip, Ben, Sunny, and Liberty, I am knee deep in BOOK 6. How's that going? Ugh. After completing the manuscript, my agent was concerned it didn't have enough "heart" as This Is Not How It Ends. This, of course, sent me into a mild panic. While I've written five solid books, I wondered, is this it? Am I blocked? Will I ever be able to write a book as good as the last? 


Authors everywhere experience this moment of doubt and frustration. And as I delved deeper, I came to understand that the last two months have been absolutely wild (and big-time creativity suckers). My husband said: you're not even taking the time to enjoy the success of your launch. Slow down. It's not a race. Wise advice. Indeed. As soon as I stopped obsessing about the latest plot and focused on enjoying what was right in front of me, the creativity broke through.


I believe this is true in many aspects of our lives. The race. The need to get it all done. As I begin this new decade, I plan on doing a better job giving myself a chance to catch my breath, soak in the memorable moments, and trust the process.

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