“People are trapped in history and 

history is trapped in them”

- James Baldwin




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Do you think Black History Month is still relevant? Why or why not?



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Black History Month just creates separation. How would you feel if we had White History Month?


I am not Black so maybe I'm not seeing the complete picture, but why is Black History Month necessary? Having a separate month seems to separate us even more.

The Reasoning:

When you are speaking about another identity group, it's always best to ask questions. If you aren't a member of a particular group, always work from a place of learning and not knowing.



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One of my best friends wanted to go zip lining for her 52nd birthday, so we did. I think I may need to get new friends.



introducing my journey to 50

2020 marks the year I turn 50 - and through the years I've learned a thing or two about love, life, and myself. Each week I'll be sharing a rule or revelation I learned a long the way.


THIS WEEK'S Revelation


A woman should be able to be single, married, young, mature, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, any size or shape, and wear what the heck makes her feel good without ANYBODY feeling the right to comment about its appropriateness.



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