Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin I can't tell where yours begins, I can't tell where mine ends Brown skin, up against my brown skin Need some every now and then



"I’m not trying to be practical. I want to be with you."

- Line from the movie, The Photograph


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The Photograph

I hosted the first Randi B. movie and conversation event. 15 of us went to see the movie, The Photograph and then talked until 1:30am, while sipping on wine and cocktails, eating Italian food, about Black love, generational trauma, the fear to be vulnerable, male and female roles, and so much more. We laughed, shed a few tears, listened and learned.




What did your parents / childhood teach you about finding love?



neversay of the week



“At least” to someone who is hurting. For instance, don’t say “at least you have 2 other kids” to a person whom has just had a miscarriage.

The Reasoning:

No one wants to have their pain minimized or invalidated.



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introducing my journey to 50

2020 marks the year I turn 50 - and through the years I've learned a thing or two about love, life, and myself. Each week I'll be sharing a rule or revelation I learned a long the way.


THIS WEEK'S Revelation


Falling in love at any age can happen.

My first love was Marcus Foster. My mother kept telling me that I didn’t know what love was because I was too young. I understand why she said what she said, but time has taught me that I indeed was very much in love with Marcus. I promised myself that I would always respect it if and when my sons tell me that they are in love. I have also witnessed so many people over 40, 50, 60, and 70 years old fall madly in love. There is nothing like witnessing the giddiness of someone who is considered a senior citizen.



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