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So what will you find that's different here


For starters I believe branding your business starts with YOU. 

Don't start with why START WITH YOU.


From 25 years in this business I've created a lot of brands and the difference between those who flourish and those who flounder is the business leader. You see your business needs YOU to own and trust yourself to take the actions aligned with your goals to succeed. You need to back YOU. And besides your 'why' comes from your stories and your experiences.


You see businesses don't fail but people fail to follow the system that ensures their success. 


I'm so looking forward to writing to you. And please email and let me know any topics you're itching to hear about.


Until soon



To mark our paths crossing, here's a meditation tool to bring you from chaos to calm in 3 minutes or less. No one I know in the crazy world ever needs to destress themselves :-) but I use it all the time. Tomorrow I'll send you a video about why you need a brand.