February Vacation Week



The kids are on winter break, so we have spent the week in Vermont. We have had lots of downtime, some skiing and lots and lots of eating.  Yesterday was too cold for skiing ... it felt like -4, but we are going to brave to cold today and hit the slopes.


This week on the blog I shared my kitchen re-do I did last spring. It was one of the biggest projects I have done myself, but one of the most rewarding. I also introduce you to Megan Martin, who created my website theme. If you have a website, a small business or are looking to create one her website is a great resource.


I tried to keep things simple by just having one Instagram account, but it got to be too crazy trying to balance my everyday life and promoting the blog all in one account. If you haven't already, please follow the blog account @whitneysowlestheblog.


Thank you again for tuning in and if you are enjoying the blog please tell your friends.


Happy Friday, and stay warm out there!


xo, whitney


What's New this Week


See you next week!


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