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Be Social on Social Media

Back when Instagram first started, its only purpose was to keep people connected. Then some genius was like, "We can totally use this as a marketing platform!" And suddenly, Instagram was overrun with people selling their products and services.

Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I use Instagram to sell my services, but I do my best to remind myself (and you!) that people aren't on social media to be sold to.

They are on social media for one of three things:

  1. To be Entertained
  2. To be Informed
  3. To be Social

In this month's social media tip we are going to focus on that last bit, but first I want to talk to you about why being social is vital for the success of your own business on social media:


The way the Instagram algorithm works these days is that it prioritizes posts it thinks people find valuable.  They determine this by how much engagement it gets, whether people have engaged with similar content before, and most importantly, by how "close" a person is with whom they are engaging. 


 For example, if I am always engaging (read: commenting on, liking, DMing, responding to stories) with Instagram account A but only occasionally engage with account B, Instagram will show me account A's posts and stories before it shows me account B's posts and stories.

If you want more people to see and engage with your posts, therefore, it would behoove you to engage with them yourself frequently.

Craft & Cluster Updates

Instagram Profile Audits

Once per month I will be conducting a free Instagram Profile Audit for someone! This audit will cover things like optimizing your bio to reworking a previously unsuccessful post to make it successful.  You can watch the first Instagram Audit with Rachel of Say When Wine here.


If you would like your Instagram profile audited by me, reply to this email!


Women Winemaker's Celebration

Here in Santa Barbara Wine Country, we have a higher than average amount of women in winemaking positions.  I dream of the day when that's not such a shocking revelation. In any case, we are proud of all of the amazing women making delicious wine here and so, 

we are celebrating! 

Join me for brunch on March 8 at Roblar Farms and meet many of the 

incredible women I have the honor of photographing.  
Click Here to Purchase Tickets!


Home Life

Bobby has made me a beer for my birthday. It's called Heather's Hef and I am 

EXTREMELY excited about it!
Otto & Jackson went on a 5-mile hike with me the other day! Otto was psyched, Jackie was not.
The chickens have been laying about 2.25 eggs per day, we are now in egg abundance. Or eggbundance, if you like puns as much as I do.