free 7 day trial - unlimited cake classes!

Hey guys!! 


Well... I had some emails scheduled for you guys before surgery but this is the first one I've written in real time. Tomorrow I'll be sharing an update on my surgery, so stay tuned!


But for now - I wanted to tell you that Bluprint has a FREE 7 Day Trial going on + 50% off their annual membership fee!  


If you join Bluprint now, you'll unlock 1,300+ creative classes, including HUNDREDS of baking, cake decorating, and cooking classes! You'll have endless inspiration and so much more.


If you decide to keep your subscription, you can get an entire year for just $4/month for a limited time.


If you haven't tried it out already - click here to sign up for your free 7 day trial and take a peek at all of the incredible cake decorating, baking, photgraphy classes and more!!


You can click over to my blog to see some of my favorite features and classes here or go directly to Bluprint.  


This special offer is here -->


Note - you will not see cake decorating classes on that welcome page but I promise, they're there!!




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