AND...BREATHE | VOL.9 | 2020 

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Whoa you guys...I've had a week!  How are you doing?  It's felt to me (and my friends, my students) like a lot of things are crashing in / heavy / precarious at the moment.  So I'm going back to the basics.  


I KNOW that when I come back to my breath - which grounds me and brings me back to me - I immediately feel more peace and I immediately realize that I'm capable of handling the chaos (or taking the steps to change the course of it).  Sure, maybe there are things to figure out, maybe there are things to say no to and maybe there are things to shift.  When I come back to my breath and I come back to me...I come back to trust in myself.  


Beyond the LONG LIST of benefits (see some below) that a calm breath offers, we are reminded of the consistency of our own rhythm.  And in that metronome, the wave of breath, we find more peace.  


A calm breath : 

- calms your brain 

- regulates your blood pressure 

- taps into your brain's emotional region 

- is thought to strengthen your immune system 

- refuels your energy 

- the list goes on


How DO you come back to your breath?  It's not always easy to tap into it when there is a lot going on and you already feel overwhelmed.  I try to : 

- notice when I'm feeling more frantic with my energy 

- pause to listen to what I need 

- give myself a moment with my breath (bonus points for meditation, savasana or a favorite yin pose!) and actually listen to it, noticing my rhythm, consistency and resiliency 

- let myself pause here for a moment


Ahhh.  And breathe.




- And...Breathe

- New Meditation TONIGHT On The Online Studio Space

- Upcoming Denver Pop Ups

- Semi-private Girlfriend Retreats

- Wedding Day + Shower Yoga

MEDITATE : ground

You won't find this on the MoonRise Online Studio Space this pm - I'm releasing this meditation tonight so that we can practice together on the eve March's Full Sugar Moon.  


Tonight, we are meditating.  Use this practice before or after your favorite yoga sequence if you want to move, because for today's release, we are going to get still in our bodies and minds.  


Do you meditate?  I was nervous to try at first.  I assumed that I couldn't sit still or didn't know how to do it correctly.  PLEASE take the pressure off - we are meditating with no rules.  I'm going to suggest to you how to get towards a quiet space and invite you to come back to that throughout our 5 minute meditation.  Tonight, we are grounding.  Grab a quiet space in your home & a meditation cushion / block / bolster / pillow to sit on and I'll meet you in your space.





3.11.20 | 6:00-8:00pm



Our yoga mat can be one of the most powerful places we put our dreams into action.

Let's come together for an all levels yoga flow. We'll begin with powerful Vinyasa to ignite our dreams before surrendering into a melty yin practice.

After we flow, we'll join for a social hour and make dream catchers. 

Dream catchers were traditionally created and used by Native American tribes to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams, both good and bad. When hung above the bed in a place where the morning sunlight can hit it, the dream catcher attracts and catches all sorts of dreams and thoughts into its webs. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below. Bad dreams, however, are caught up in its protective net and destroyed, burned up in the light of day. The shape of the dreamcatcher is a circle because it represents the circle of life and how forces like the sun and moon travel each day and night across the sky. The dream catcher web catches the bad dreams during the night and dispose of them when the day comes. As for the good dreams, the feathers act as a fluffy, pillow-like ladder that allows them to gently descend upon the sleeping person undisturbed.

Advanced ticket required.
Final sale.

Please arrive 5:45pm. Yoga begins 6pm sharp.



3.20.20 | 7:00-8:30pm



The moon represents deep feminine wisdom. Engaging regularly with the moon cycles is a powerful way to become intimately connected with the phases of birth, death, and rebirth. 

In our lives, we too are constantly moving through these cycles, seasons, and changes. Connecting to and working with the moon as she cycles, creates a life of deeper meaning and more authentic connection as we are able to live a life with more awareness and intention. 

Join us in a women’s circle as we practice grounding techniques, breath work and development of our intuition. Some light, gentle yoga will be infused. We will share space with each other to receive, connect, and create.

What to Bring:
Yoga mat
Water Bottle
Journal or paper to write on



quarterly series    


SPRING 2020 | date + time tba



What you celebrate expands.

What area of your life would you love to EXPAND more?


NOURISH : a mini self care staycation (just an afternoon) quarterly series. 

We come together for a unique community self care sess to nourish our hearts, minds and bodies. 


Spring 2020 : GROUND, CREATE, EXPAND :

First, we gather as a community to get to know one another and for a bullet journal exercise to tap into the areas in our lives in which we would love to expand a bit.


Next, we unroll our mats for GROUNDING VinYin yoga (light on the vinyasa, heavy on the yin) inspired by our personal desires and intentions.


Post yoga, we'll each CREATE a succulent terrarium over tea and light snacks. (Think heavy on the FUN & community, super cool DIY we get to bring home as a  continual reminder of what we are nourishing.) 


Last, with journals in hand we'll EXPAND our minds & hearts as we are led in a community inspiration and discussion by a very special guest, one of my favorite inspirational speakers.




BEGINNING SPRING 2020 | date + time varies based on your schedule



Come to paradise with me and your bestie to practice daily yoga and make incredible memories!

Beginning spring 2020, I'm offering semi-private (2 person) girlfriend retreats!

I will meet you in the quaint, sweet and sleepy town of Akumal, Mexico (one of my absolutely favorite beach towns in the world!) where we will stay in our own private fully equipped beach front condo.  

We will practice yoga twice daily (morning and evening), either on the beach or in our condo overlooking the ocean.

We will eat fresh, local, delicious cuisine for every meal and infuse yoga & wellness throughout our time.

I will be your tour guide throughout the Yucatán can select between chill days in Akumal, or outings including : exploring Tulum's white sand beaches and boho boutiques and restaurants; a golf cart tour of Isla Mujeres and a visit to its famous picturesque Playa Norte; a beach and shopping day in Playa Del Carmen; a day in Cozumel (and more).


Let's make some beautiful memories together and RESET together in the ultimate self-care experience.



Did you know that I offer private bridal shower and wedding day yoga practices?


Celebrate your wedding shower or start your special day surrounded by the women who love you, with a group yoga class customized to you.

Begins with 15-30 minute tea social, followed by 60-75 minutes yoga catered towards the energy level and style you prefer.  


The intention of the class is personalized to celebrate your love, or gratitude for your circle of women.  This is SUCH a fun way to come together to connect, celebrate and create a memory that lasts forever!


Bride receives a rose quartz crystal to hold forever dear.  Each attendee receives a smaller rose quartz crystal gift. 

These crystals are incorporated throughout practice. 


Thank you for reading.  

I hope that this journal is a happy weekly love note in your inbox.

xo, jenny