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When they created March Madness, do you think this was what they had in mind?



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Remember how excited we all were to begin a new year? Eleven days in, and I'm ready for a do-over. No more news, no more colorful maps highlghting COVID-19 cases, ONLY PUPPIES. Here's mine. 


But first, February. Thank you readers for making the early launch months of THIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS the very best. It was wonderful to meet fans and friends in Miami, Islamorada, New York, and Los Angeles, as well as the book clubs I've joined through social media and FaceTime. The best compliment I recieved was this one: "A lot of romance books have the similar storyline that's predictable and cheesy. This was not one of them." I'm not cheesy! Yay and thanks @pattyisbooked. 


You'll be happy to hear I'M WRITING AGAIN! As most of you know from last month, I went through my first ever writer's block, which actually turned out to be the necessary break I needed. Now I'm coasting along with a book I'm truly excited about. Last night in book club, the women asked what it was about, and I summed it up for them in a few words: flowers, broken families, broken hearts, forgiveness, letting in, and letting go. Have you ever been to Vizcaya in Miami? That's where the action begins before these flawed and fabulous characters return to the mountains of North Carolina. I'm so excited to share this moving story with all of you!

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Stay safe and healthy out there, friends! 

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