Feeling overwhelmed?

Me too. My district has closed, but they haven't given us any information yet about eLearning or distance learning. I'm trying to calmly prepare for what feels like the inevitable, and I wanted to share some of the amazing resources that have been offered by members of our community!


It's a lot, right? I know that if my district decides to close I'll be turning to Fluency Matters and their wonderful offer of 21 days of free e-Books, as well as Señor Wooly and his team who have announced that they're giving two free weeks of Pro (see why I love their site here!) and creating lesson plans for those out of school. 


Now is also a great time to remind you about my free resource library! Use the password SrtaSpanishfreebies to access it, and you'll find several printable stories, ideas for other ways to deliver story telling to your classes, and more. I hope the resources there help you!


Please let me know if you need anything and I will do my best to help you!





Don't forget the freebies! Use this link to access the exclusive library of all my current and past email list freebies:


****Use the password SrtaSpanishfreebies to access the freebies.

My hope is that these free resources provide you with additional support to help your students succeed and help save you time.