First and foremost, we want to extend our best wishes to everyone as we work through a very difficult time. Stay safe. Stay well. 


Like so many others whom you deal with, I wanted to personally reach out to update you on what we are doing to care for both our employees and clients as COVID-19 affects our decisions about how we go about with our lives.

Our plan is as follows: 

Drop-off locations: We trust that everyone is doing their part to help flatten the curve. Part of those plans may mean you are staying in, not eating out and hadn't anticipated needing your Grill this early in the season. Seniors and those who may be in isolation or quarantine should know they can arrange for delivery.


Our intention, for the time being, is to maintain BBQ Tank deliveries however with limits and a few adjustments to how and where we drop off your refills. For the safety of our drivers, your family and to maintain social distancing, especially from cooking equipment like your BBQ, deliveries will be made to front of residences only. Entry to backyards will be limited. 

Our condominium and commercial building clients are asked to please arrange for 'loading dock' delivery acceptance only. During this time, until further notice, your building personnel/staff will be requested to bring the empties down to the dock or "pick up point" where we will drop off fulls in exchange. If you need your 'cage' restocked at one of our commercial accounts like restaurants, Bar or patio, call first to confirm you are open. Automatic refill route runs are discontinued for the time being. We are not picking up empties at this time. Store them upright, outside in a safe, secure location. 

Your health comes first: Our drivers wear gloves and will wipe down the collar of all delivered cylinders with antiseptic, so you can be certain those areas have been cleaned and are safe to handle. Gloves are always recommended when carrying cylinders.


Doing our part: 

If you, or anyone you know, is a senior who shouldn't venture out unnecessarily, or in a COVID-19 isolation/quarantine situation, and they could likely use their BBQ, but had not anticipated needing fuel this early in the season, Please Call or Text or email me. We'll send an online email order for a refill exchange so we can process it quickly and get it delivered. Limits will be one-for-one only at this time to ensure we can support as many as possible. 


Our community comes first. As such, we'll work within protocols that help us achieve that. If we can't deliver, we'll let you know when you call, text or email us your order request. We will not leave paper receipts as usual, we will send a picture by email of the tank at your door as proof of delivery. NO signatures will be requested.


Working remotely, connecting digitally: Our client service team is continuing to work normal business hours from home and has the resources and tools they need to do their jobs remotely when necessary. 


In addition to these steps, we will be monitoring the latest information including recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization. We will continue to keep an eye on the situation and make further adjustments to our action plan if and when necessary. The health and well-being of our clients, our families, and our community are of utmost importance to us and will continue to be our north star as we navigate the road ahead.


Thank you for your steadfast support of our business—we are truly grateful. Working together, we'll get through this very difficult time. 


aka Mr.C3H8

and all of us at Propane Concierge Inc.