Prana is now offering Telehealth Physical Therapy!


We realize everything has been topsy-turvy the past week...and may continue to be that way for a little while. But, we at Prana Functional Manual Therapy would like to keep at least one thing consistent...seeing patients to help you optimize your function without pain, stress and strain.


As much as we would love to see each of you face-to-face, we have made the decision to move to a telehealth video platform for a week or so. We feel we must do our part to flatten the curve to keep you and our community safe and well. 


As physical therapists who treat in a functional manual therapy paradigm, we are committed to identifying and treating mechanical, neuro-muscular and motor control dysfunctions. We can still do most of that through telehealth, despite not being able to use our valuable “hands-on” techniques. 


Our goal is to help you continue progressing with your physical therapy. 


What we can offer virtually:


Exercise Progressions: Are you ready to take it to the next level in strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion and stability? Are you interested in what you can do at home, now that the gyms, dance, Pilates and Barre studios are closed?


Postural Training: As always, we can help instruct efficient standing, sleeping positions, reclined sitting on a couch or your favorite chair.  Furthermore, we can educate on methods to arrange a make-shift home office and even how to lift objects with optimal technique.  


Breathing Techniques: Breathing well is always important. Now it may be of utmost importance as we need to stretch our lungs and do our best to reduce stress. 


Gait Training: We can evaluate, give instruction and provide advice about how your joint mechanics are performing while you are walking and running. Additionally, perhaps your footwear is in need of an upgrade. We can advise on footwear that best matches your body’s unique needs. We realize you may be running more as that is the most accessible form of exercise at this time


Self-Mobilizations: In some cases it is advantageous to teach a patient self-mobilizations of joints and/or soft tissues. These techniques can help keep a joint moving and release soft-tissues to help prevent movement dysfunctions and compensations. This is especially important for those that are post-operative.  


For those of you (non-Medicare) with evaluations that were set up, but had to be cancelled, you are more than welcome to get started via Telehealth or wait until an in-person visit is available. If you choose to wait, we will be in touch once we return to the office. 


Scheduling Appointments:


We will be checking our voicemail, but please schedule your telehealth appointment HERE:


Self-pay rates will apply to Telehealth for all non-Medicare patients, due to our state not having the necessary reimbursements in place at this time.  To make it more affordable we are offering different time slots for self-pay Telehealth: 


· 20 mins- $35 


· 40 mins- $65


· 60 mins- $95 


Medicare is offering "e-visits" for communication with your physical therapist. Medicare recipients who are established patients of Prana are eligible to initiate an "e-visit." These sessions can be via phone call or video platforms. Medicare only permits one session in seven days. The time can be spread out over seven days or  in one visit.  These “e-visits” must be at least seven days apart.


How Telehealth and Medicare e-visit Appointments Work:


Our preferred telehealth platform is It is easy to use and web-based and HIPAA-compliant. You will receive an email at your designated treatment time inviting you into your therapist’s “waiting room.” Once you click on the link and enable your camera, the therapist will answer your video call. If you prefer to use Face-time or Zoom, that can be arranged, but please note, these applications are not HIPAA-compliant. 


Due to the COVID-19 impact, the stringent rules requiring telehealth only be performed on HIPAA-compliant platforms has been waived. So, if it is your preference, Zoom and Face-time can be used.  


Payment for Telehealth and "e-visits": 


Upon scheduling non-Medicare patients, we will directly add your health savings account or credit card information to your account in our secure EMR system. You will be billed following each session. We will email you a receipt. 


Medicare is offering a nominal fee to physical therapy practitioners based on the time spent with the physical therapist for the Medicare e-visit spread over the seven days.  


If you have general questions about payment, please email or call 717-390-4822.


We are delighted to be able to offer a telehealth option for our patients at this time! We will hopefully be back in the office very soon. But for now,  we are here for you…We look forward to seeing you and hope you and everyone in your family is safe and well.

In Health & Compassion,


and all of us at Prana Functional Manual Therapy