SKINSHAPE II by Gank_Pansuay


To be back home

Where there's love and affection

And just maybe I

Can convince time to slow up

Giving me enough time

In my life to grow up

Time, be my friend, let me start again


- From Home from the movie The Wiz



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Do you feel safe at home or stuck at home?

Some say that the Cornovirus is the “great equalizer” because anyone can get it. Do you agree or disagree?






I finally decided that I had to stop running from myself and had to deal with my issues. In November I started trying to get sober; and I had some legal issues to clear up. I’m a Flautist; but I couldn’t work in my field with my legal issues so I had to show the courts that I was worthy of ----. I had to get a job.


My first job was as an in-store shopper. One evening after I got off of work, from which I had to take a bus, then Bart, then two more buses to get home. I ended up missing one of those buses, which had a domino effect; and I ended up having to wait in Dublin for 3 hours until the next bus.  I remembered that I heard the Whole Foods was hiring – and I wasn’t getting enough hours as an in-store shopper,  so I walked over, applied, and met the manager. I got the job.


I started on February 25th as a bagger. I’m a cashier now. Initially, my cashier training was delayed because the Coronavirus started to hit California and the store was swarmed with people. It was insane. I saw the panic in people’s eyes. I could feel the anxiety coming from everyone, including my co-workers.  I remember coming out of the breakroom and seeing the empty shelves. Then I became anxious. I started saying the serenity prayer over and over. I let go and accepted that this is our new reality.


Everyone else has seemed to calm down too. Sure, you have some people who are still anxious. But I try to give everyone some positivity.  I’ve realized that the whole thing is a performance. I’m on stage (just like when I am playing my flute). My instrument is the cash register; my sheet music is the book of codes; the ergonomic map that all of us cashiers stand on is my stage; and the customers are my audience.





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Neversay of the Week



Be Nice. Don’t Be Threatening.


A Black, professional, highly educated and accomplished woman, who was donning a dress and blazer, surrounded by the secret service, doing her job by asking a question was instructed by Donald Trump to not be threatening. The only thing that could possibly make her threatening is bias and prejudice. This is a classic case of the criminalization of Black people.


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She Beat The Virus: 'I'm A COVID-19 Survivor' After 10 Days At Beaumont



Black-owned business spotlight


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You can be grateful and sorrowful simultaneously.






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