the sun came out

This week the sun came out and it made all the difference. Last week it rained all week on the east coast and it made it hard to get out of bed let alone write happy inspired blog posts. I finally just let myself off the hook and decided that no posts were better than something that reflected the mood I was in.  


This week warmed up, we got outside put the deck furniture out and soaked up the sun. I felt more energy, and the ideas started flowing. I still haven't started exercising enough to make an impact on all the weight gained from the bread and pasta I have been making ... but that's a whole other story.  


My kids are out of school today because it is Good Friday, and I am reminded that Easter will look very different this year.  Instead of spending today and tomorrow getting ready to host the whole family, I will probably just try and wash my hair before the planned Easter Zoom we are having.  Above is my table from a few years ago as I tried to channel my inner Martha Stewart. I am sad that we can't be with loved ones, but a little relieved that I don't have to try and outdo myself and spend the weekend in the kitchen.


Check out below what you may have missed on the blog, and be sure to read my interview with Ellen Braley of El's Cards and don't miss the deal she shares with my readers. 


Stay safe and have a good weekend.

xo, whitney


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