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She’s back. The mama bird is flying to and fro, building a fortress to protect her babies in the coming months. She claimed the spot on my porch the year Catherine died and has returned every year, never minding my presence. Now, it’s only a matter of time before tiny chirps will wake me in the morning hours. Watching her work, I can almost hear Catherine welcoming her back and can picture her spellbound in the window, watching the mama bird build her nest and feed her babies. 


For the first time in a very long while, this forced pause has found me lingering a little longer at the window. I can see what Catherine might perceive, sighing deep in the knowing that life will begin anew with the tiny chicks that will grace my porch. And in this lingering, there is hope - a pause as we prepare for glorious beauty in the not so distant future. May this week of BABY ANIMALS & BUDDING LIFE find you lingering a bit longer at the window and in nature, captivated by the birth of all that surrounds.

Jenny Hubbard


 Friends, we got you covered!

Mr. "T" teaches PHENOLOGY as he searches for signs of spring!

Join the sanctuary's naturalist & educator, Mr. "T", as he studies the harbingers of spring - otherwise known as PHENOLOGY. Explore the sanctuary's first signs of spring and see how many you can find in your own backyard!


CVH Animal Sanctuary DIY - BIRD NESTS & EGGS!

Celebrate springtime with this family DIY project! Replicate the beauty of nests and bird eggs in your own home with step-by-step instructions from our sanctuary to yours! Awaken spring indoors with the color and magic inspired by wildlife.


 Animals, we got you covered!

Dr. Emily talks baby chicks!

Join Dr. Emily Andersen from our veterinary partner, Valley Veterinary Hospital as she shares all about baby chicks, mama hens and their wondrous eggs! 


 Environment, we got you covered!



If I find a fawn alone in the grass, does that mean it’s orphaned?

Many people who find white-tailed deer fawns left alone are worried that the animal might be orphaned. Remember it IS normal for fawns to be left alone without the doe in sight. In fact, for their first month, fawns stay curled in the grass. However, if the animal is showing signs of distress such as vocalizing when not being touched, please reach out to your local wildlife rehabilitator for assistance.


How can I protect nests and small timid animals such as rabbits and ground living birds from danger?

Some animals will instinctively freeze and lower themselves to the ground when they are frightened. This is incredibly dangerous and can place them at risk from lawn mowers, cars and brush fires. If you see an animal who stops in the middle of the road out of fear, please slowly (and safely) stop the car and allow it to pass or gently move the animal to the other side of the road. When mowing the lawn, please check the area for nests. If you find one, put a marker at the site so you can avoid that spot with the mower. And if possible, always check a brush pile before burning to make sure no animals are living inside.


If I find a baby bird in the grass, does that mean it's injured?

If you find a baby bird in the grass, it's likely a fledgling. Birds learn to fly from the ground up and during this time the parents are still nearby watching and feeding their young. It takes just a couple days for them to get the concept of flight. These are crucial learning stages for babies, so please keep dogs, cats and curious children at a distance.

So what should you do if you think you found an injured or orphaned animal? Check out these great resources and remember to get the assistance of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

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In this season of change, let's come together to support the caregivers, the isolated, the heroes and the very earth we share. For only $35, you can make a difference to someone special and help Mother Earth - teaching all how to care for her beauty through compassionate efforts that unite us all. 


In honor of your special someone, a native perennial plant will be planted in our sanctuary's pollinator garden. They will also receive a stunning artisan card acknowledging your gift and thoughtfulness. Click the "peaceful earth" image to place your order. 


There's never been a better time to connect our hearts while staying apart. 

And with Mother's Day right around the corner, it's the perfect time to share your appreciation for all those special moms out there. For a Mother's Day specific card, click bouquet image below.


"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." - Lao Tzu