Here's the thing.  I LOVE social media.  It's awesome; it's the bee's knees; but, it's also more fickle than springtime weather (sunshine & 70 degrees one day and rainy & 40 degrees the next, what GIVES April?!)


With ever-changing algorithms and those entertaining times when Instagram decides to just NOT work for the day, you simply cannot count on your social media posts to reach your ideal audience all the time.


That's where email lists come in.

If you're a winery, you probably already have an email list, but my guess is that you aren't communicating with that list enough, and when you do, it's probably some iteration of the same email: "Hi, we have wine, and you should buy it."


Dude. You're better than that.

We've already talked about the 80/20 rule, so I'm not going to get into that right now, but remember: always lead with value before you sell.


And before you're all like, "Seriously Heather?! You want me to create even MORE content?!" I'm going to ease your mind:


Those kick-ass posts you've been creating on social media? Yeah, they can be easily adapted for your email list (and vice versa). BONUS: emails and social media posts can also be adapted into blog posts if that's your jam!


Here's how you can repurpose one piece of content for your blog, email list, and social media.


See! Easy peasy!

The big thing is to drive people to your email list, where the real value is (she says so modestly).

And if you were wondering if I was going to turn this email into a social media and blog post, 

you would be correct.

Happy repurposing.