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So, how are you holding up? I know things are uncertain right now, but I am sure we will have brighter days ahead. As always, I am wishing you all safe and sound, healthy and happy. Hopefully, you can find some respite in my books and those I've found for you below. 


Purrfectly Trapped arrives tomorrow and I want to thank those at MTWorlds Press for making this possible. Milly Taiden's worlds, especially her Paranormal Dating Agency, is one of my favorite places to write in and I can't wait for you to get your hands on Gretchen and Reg's tale. I am so honored to be sharing a release day with Milly Taiden herself, on her birthday no less! We will be live-streaming in the MT Worlds Reader group on Friday so join us for a party!


Also, I am so proud to have been included in Romancing the Capital Ottowa Online RomCon this year! We have two more weekends of author filled fun lined up and PRIZES from our authors too! Go here to like our Page and make sure you check out the footage available on YouTube. You can see me and other MTWorlds authors having a chat! ;-) Afterwards, go to our FB group and enter my Rafflecopter. It is available to attendees only ;-)


Destined Mates: A Purely Paranormal Pleasures Anthology is on sale for 50% off, you can get it for $4.99 WIDE through April 25th! This set includes Marked by the Devil, Mated to the Dragon King, Claimed by the Demon, and Christmas with a Devil, a Dragon King, and a Demon.


Don't forget to take a look at this week's book suggestions.  I found some really great ones!


Enjoy and happy reading.

Happy Reading.

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