Your days and nights are now filled with the scroll through Pinterest for inpso, your busy creepin' on all the different vendors that you could hire for you and your babe's wedding day and the excitement is REAL! Sound like you? Keep reading!
You've never done this before, its all SOO new 🤷🏼‍♀️
“Shit, how am I supposed to budget for (insert florals, stationery, rentals, decor or literally anything else)?”, or maybe “where do I even begin?” or even “a pandemic? You're joking right?!” Questions like this trickle in and you're realizing how much there is to know about this whole process--wowza's!! If only you had someone to give you some solid advice, to tell you what to watch out for and ask questions specifically about your own wedding day…
I’m going to help take you from a place of “what the fuck am I supposed to do”, uncertain state of mind to becoming a bride who knows exactly what she wants because in my opinion, bridezilla’s don’t exist when they are well informed and know what's up!! Agreed??
Get your butt in here and let me breathe some joy, even MORE excitement, and advice into your life as a bride planning her own wedding. So the question is….are you a Badass Bride?? 

I'LL see you soon, badass bride!

xo, joelle