a new normal I won't ever forget

Well we are wrapping up week #5 of quarantine. How is everyone doing? If you haven't read it yet, you can read my quarantine survival guide describing my mood  this far in. It definitely is crazy! 


One bright spot in all of this took place this week. We had our 14th anniversary and our kids made it the most special one yet. They asked if they could make us dinner and if we could stay upstairs for a bit. When we came down we were greeted by a two kids dressed up at a hostess stand ready to show us to our table with menus in hand. The set up the backgammon, put on The Office, lit candles and hung twinkle lights. It was magical! They turned something that I thought sadly would feel uneventful into something I will never forget. I feel so blessed to be stuck at home with my favorite peeps!


Keep scrolling to see what you may have missed this week, and don't miss my interview with my dear friend, photographer Karen Gowen.


Stay safe!

xo, whitney


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