This time is confronting on many levels, but especially when it comes to our work. If the job we're in isn't aligned, or our business isn't set up to succeed in this brave new world, we're feeling it in a major way. 


Conscious Career Reset is my three-part series on how to holistically approach the next phase of our careers and businesses. There is a lot of opportunity ahead, but we have to be rested enough to have clarity around the next step and the energy to take action. 


We'll cover the following:


Part 1 (TOMORROW, Saturday, April 18): Right Relationship with Rest. Our best ideas come when we're in a relaxed state. It's no easy task to feel rested against this global backdrop, but when we engage in what I call active rest, we can recharge and rejuvenate in any circumstances. 


Part 2 (Saturday, April 25): Allowing in the Downloads. Once we're more rested and consolidated, we can strategize. Our options become much more clear, and we can be more creative around new solutions.


Part 3 (Saturday, May 2): Aligned Action. Our efforts always yield rewards (even if it's good information about what NOT to do). It's important to move forward. We don't have to wait for the pundits to tell us what our economic future looks like. We can create it, step by step. 


Each session is from 1:15 to 1:45 pm Pacific time. Instant replay will be available for 24 hours.


Each one stands alone, or you can catch all three.


Mary Margaret Skelly