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Walking at the sanctuary, I look up in awe at the pine trees stretching endlessly to the sky and wonder, perhaps, if a child planted those trees long, long ago. I remember my own littles planting their tiny trees every year. They would come home from school beaming, proudly presenting the tiny seedlings - roots wrapped in paper towels and a small tag with planting tips. It was the tell tale sign they had celebrated Earth Day.

I think about the sheer number of trees that have been planted because of that simple tradition and its subtle impact: home to countless birds' nests, shade & shelter for wild animals, and volumes of oxygen released, especially now, into a world catching her breath. 

Truth be told, at the time I thought planting was simply a perfect way to fill an afternoon and watering offered a task to hold their attention through the season. And isn’t that so often the case? A simple sweet act has the potential to send ripples of goodness and create an impact far greater than imagined. 

Whatever your seemingly simple act to honor the earth is this week, may it be offered in love and create ripples of compassion for generations to come. 

Jenny Hubbard


 Friends, we got you covered!

Join the City Nature Challenge!

Bridget Cervero of the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk talks about this year's City Nature Challenge. Learn what makes this Citizen Science project so special and how you can make observations in your very own backyard!



Join Laura King, Master Gardener and Director of Events & Programs at the sanctuary, as she shares step-by-step how to divide perennial plants. With these quick and easy instructions, you can multiple your garden plants for pollinators AND share a few with your friends!


 Animals, we got you covered!

Dr. Emily talks plant toxicities!

Animals and nature are a wonderful mix but some plants can pose a danger to our pets. Join Dr. Emily Andersen from our veterinary partner, Valley Veterinary Hospital as she shares which plants are safe for our pets and which are not. 


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 Inspiration, we got you covered!

“Earth rejoices our words, breathing and peaceful steps. Let every breath, every word and every step make the mother earth proud of us.” 

– Amit Ray