Mask Update


I share your frustration.

If you haven't received your mask, 

I am sorry.

We're doing 

everything we can.


As many of you have may or may not noticed, April 20th has come and gone and we've only shipped 450 of the 4,700 masks. 


They are stuck, but still coming.


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I hear the urgency. I feel your real desire to protect yourself and those you love. Trust me when I say I am JUST as frustrated, if not more, than you that our masks are still stuck in transit. They're all made and in transit to us but being held up in customs. There's nothing we can do as of now, but wait. I don't want to give you another timeline because I thought for sure they'd all be here by now.  


We are more than happy to refund your order if you want to get your masks elsewhere. When your masks arrive, they will be donated if you decide to cancel your order. 



To cancel your mask order and receive a refund, reply to this email from the email you placed your order with the text "refund"


In the meantime, we found 


DIY mask until you can secure another.

All you need is fabric and scissors - yep, that's it.

Watch below.



We jumped into providing masks to customers before the frenzy. I understand it's hard to get masks anywhere and I've honestly been shocked at the prices. We are selling our masks at cost and they're organic cotton. But my perspective has shifted. A lot of these makers have no other means of making  money and keeping their businesses alive. So please don't let the price stop you. 

Let this be your vote for the entrepreneurial soul of our country if you decide to shop elsewhere. Once our masks DO arrive and we assess how many/if any, we have left over that haven't been purchased or set aside for donation - we will open up orders again to YOU only, our email followers.


Other Ethically Made Mask Options


The shop

Flutter Dress

ISupport this talented seamstress at


Thank you for your patience

and understanding in this 

unprecedented time.