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Hi there! welcome to my weekly email where I keep you updated on allll the things. That's right: the good, the bad, and the absolutely drop dead you-can't-miss-this gorgeous! ;-)


Hey there!

If you’re reading this email right now that means you like me, you really like me! But seriously though, you either filled out a little form, or entered a contest, maybe even grabbed a free book, and that is why you are here. That means you are a super intelligent and all around awesome-sauce person & really, like big WOW am I grateful. You want to know where I’m at with my works and what I have to say? *cue the happy tears*


In all seriousness, I’m super grateful you’re here on this crazy wild ride with me and I’m so excited to be able to share updates, sneak peeks, sales, new releases, freebies and giveaways with you here.


It's cool if you don't every single one I send out. Yes, you might miss stuff, but I do use other social media. Of course, there will be a graded quiz. NO THERE WON’T! WHAT?!


So, you may have heard, Purrfectly Trapped top the charts at number 1 in New Releases in an Amazon Category and I wanted to say a huge THANKS to all of you who bought the book, read it, and helped support me with this release! It means so much to me to know you like my work and are enjoying this series. Thank you. <3


I have a couple of preorders out now for May releases. I am in editing right now with a new addition to the Dire Wolf Mates books also coming next month, Breaking Sass is my next contribution to MT Worlds Sassy Ever After series that I can't wait for you to read. 


The next round of Purely Paranormal Pleasures releases is coming in June so make sure you are all caught up with mine, Amanda Kimberley's, and P. Mattern's books in the series. BTW my 50% off sale for the first four Purely Paranormal Pleasures books in one boxed set, Destined Mates, ends April 25th.


& to help keep you all reading I have moved books 2-5 of my Macconwood Pack Novels to Kindle Unlimited. If you need a series guide click here for my website


This Saturday is the last day to join me at the online version of Romancing the Capital, click here for info. I am hosting a $20 Giftcard Raffle that folks who attend the online event can enter to win. I will be on at 10:30am and 6pm (tentative).


You’re truly the best readers I could ask for and I can’t wait to share what else I've got cooking with you! I'm so very grateful you decided to stick around here on this crazy wild journey with me and I’m so excited to have you here in my newsletter so I can share all the ups and downs, snippets, cover reveals, and more with you.


Thank you again for joining me here.




del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri