Wondering what

the heck I've been up to?

Dear Reader Tribe,

Hey there! Before we start talking about me, I want to know how you guys are doing. Are you well? How are things going for you? Have you read anything good lately? I've been worried about you guys. Don't hesitate to let me know how you're doing and what you hope to see from me in the future, with this newsletter, my blog, my books, emails back from me (I'm clawing my way out of the depression hole and trying to catch up again), and more. I know I need to do better, and I'd love your input on how I can do that.

Let Me Know How You're Doing

Spring Cleaning...


I'm switching email providers in the near future to create a more beautiful experience.


Am I the only one who feels like things have just been crazy lately? While my depression has had a pretty strong hold on me for the past few weeks, I'm thrilled I managed to get Coven of Lies out by the pushed deadline. I'm trying to catch up on the blog and my social media accounts. I'm shifting gears from survival mode to thrive mode despite less than ideal circumstances. That’s the life of a USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author! There’s always so much happening and life moves far too fast, but I can’t (and won't) forget to recognize how awesome you are make sure you’re always in the loop! 


I'm so excited about sinking my teeth into Seducing the Alpha and Coven of Shadows in the coming weeks and I hope you’ll be a part of it! I'll start giving you a reason to stalk the blog again. I have freebie news to share, so be sure to tune in Monday and keep an eye out for that. 

I'm working with Crystal to figure out a way to manually enter people who had trouble with KingSumo for the Coven of Secrets launch giveaway before we draw the winner because I want to be fair to them. I didn't realize there were readers who were experiencing problems with KingSumo, and I'll try to figure out another provider in the future. 


thank you for being a part of my life.