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I’ve thought about the statement "birds of a feather flock together" about a million times this week. Let’s just start with the obvious. How great would it be to flock together again, to gather with our people, our kindred spirits? But the more I sat on this simple phrase, I realized its sentiment has nothing to do with physical proximity.  "Birds of a feather" are kindred spirits whose passions align perfectly. And it’s amazing how many times over the past seven years I have recognized Catherine’s kindred spirits. These are people who live with undeniable compassion, pulling animals in close with a promise of protection and love - all with gentle kindness and fierce determination. Without a doubt, these are Catherine’s “Birds of a Feather” friends and with whom she would flock.

Now that the early morning quiet has been replaced with the songs of newborn chicks and birds arriving back into town, we thought it the perfect week to celebrate our feathered friends. May our common love and compassion unite and remind us all there is no distance that will ever separate our kindred hearts.

Jenny Hubbard


 Friends, we got you covered!

Mr. "T" explores the wonders of birds and their nests!

Join the sanctuary's naturalist & educator, Mr. "T", as he takes you on a tour of some very interesting bird nests. Learn how to identify birds in your area and how to keep them safe and undisturbed! Want more information? Check out these cool links to identify your favorite feathered friends. And don't forget about Global Big Day on May 9th - birding's biggest day of the year!

 Animals, we got you covered!

Dr. Emily talks birds of a feather!

Join Dr. Emily Andersen from our veterinary partner, Valley Veterinary Hospital as she shares some cool facts about our feathered friends and what makes them unique!



Try these easy recipes to feed and support your feathered friends. And remember...please clean your bird feeders OFTEN with these great tips from the Audubon Society. 

Illustration: Catherine Song. © The Spruce, 2018


Illustration: The Spruce / Jo Zixuan Zhou


 Environment, we got you covered!

CVH Animal Sanctuary DIY - Upcycled glass water bottle bird feeder!

Celebrate your feathered friends with this beautiful DIY project! Pick out a favorite glass bottle and turn it into a gorgeous bird feeder with these easy step-by-step instructions from our sanctuary to yours!



 Inspiration, we got you covered!

Barred Owl eggs are hatching soon! Click the owl to view live bird cams - a virtual window into the natural world of our feathered friends.


"In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence." 

– Robert Lynd