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Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter! Things always seem to get worse before they get better, but I think we are doing alright. The days have been growing warmer up here in NJ and I am definitely excited about going outside even if it's only in my yard. I am grateful to have such an amazing group of readers who keep in contact with me by reading my books, leaving short reviews, commenting on social media, and even sending short emails and PMs. You guys are amazing! I had a few giveaways last month and all of my winners have been contacted and prizes are being packed for the mail as we speak. I hope this email finds you safe and sound this week, and as always, I am wishing you all healthy and happy. 


Coming up in May I have a couple of releases, my story Foster is making an appearance in Dark Moon Falls Volume 2, Breaking Sass: A Dire Wolf Mates Book 2 is coming out with MTWorlds Press, and the second installation of the Barvale Clan Tales, Polar Outbreak will arrive in just 2 weeks!


Don't forget the Macconwood Pack Novels Books 2-5 are now on KU.


So, I went ahead and gathered some great reads for you to peruse. Check them out!


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Happy Reading.

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