Weekly Newsletter

May 2020 vol. 1



We'll be selling at the Pflugerville, Elgin, and Taylor markets this week.  Pre-Order for pick up at either market using the button below. 


It's that time of year again, and bales are starting 

to pop up in the pasture. 


We had about 9 acres of the winter oats and rye grass along with some springtime native pasture cut this week and ended up with 15 bales of hay.  We hope to get another 20 acres cut two more times this year. We'll need roughly 100 bales of hay to carry the cows through the winter. 


Snake Wrangling


Caught one 

in the act!

I have a feeling, a creepy, shivery feeling, that this snake situation isn't going to end anytime soon. Some of you are nodding knowingly right now, and I have to admit I knew it was a possibility. We've had issues with egg stealing snakes in the past and increasing the flock size and egg production is like setting out a welcome mat for the local wildlife. We solved the aerial predator problem by pairing the layers with the pigs, and I hoped that pairing would also deter snakes. Alas, it was not to be. After my first encounter with the egg thieves, I started carrying the shotgun with me while collecting. I didn't see anything for a week and got tired of juggling the gun and the egg basket while opening and closing gates, so I relaxed my guard. 

Luckily, John was out doing his own chores when I had my next encounter. Not one, but two of the repellant self-serving thieves were present when he opened the back door for me.  I, of course, made plenty of room for John as he reached in and grabbed one by the tail as it was about to swallow an egg. He spun and threw it past me then calmly walked over, stepped on it, picked it up behind the head and asked me if I wanted to get a picture. What I wanted was to regain my breath and slow my heart rate! But, yes, I agreed that a picture would be good as well.


So I see a good deal of snake wrangling in John's future and an growing tolerance through constant exposure for me. #Ranchlife


Amber Oaks 

Meat Buyers Club

Delivery Begins in July

We're excited about the amount of interest we've received in the buyers club.  It seems that the recent pandemic announcements have awakened people to the fragility of our agricultural systems. 


If you'd like to ensure the highest quality meats are available on a monthly basis for you and your family, sign up for our Meat Buyers Club today.  


This Week's Markets


Pflugerville Market Opens this Week

Vendors will only be selling produce, baked goods, canned products, meats, pastas and soaps.  

The market has been temporarily relocated to parking lot in front of Heritage House 

with customers parking in front of pool. 


The Elgin Market is moving across the street to the Veteran's Memorial Park beginning this 



Be well, 

stay safe,


John & Molly