Hey there Friend!


Since you're one of my amazeballs readers, I thought you might enjoy these free printable bookmarks I designed. They go with some ongoing and upcoming projects of mine.


If you print these out and use them, I'd love to see pictures of these bookmarks in the wild! (I'd ALSO love to feature them on my Instagram and give fan shout-outs.) If that sounds cool to you, email me your pics at cjbeaumont.author@gmail.com.


And now for the fun part: that freebie downloads I promised ya. Just click the image(s) above for the bookmark(s) you want and your download will start! 


(If you're thinking, "WOW, this looks a lot different from C. J.'s usual emails," you're TOTALLY right! High costs and losing my day job forced me to make the switch to my new email provider MUCH sooner than expected, but I'm loving the change and I hope you will, too!)

I hope you'll continue to stay with me on this new adventure with this new email provider, but it's quite all right if you choose not to. The unsubscribe button, as always, is at the bottom of every email.


Be in touch soon, my friend!


C. J. Beaumont