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On my last Mother’s Day with Catherine, she squeezed in close and excitedly presented a card she had hidden in her backpack. It was oversized and decorated with pasted cutouts that spelled MOM. Inside she wrote the things she loved doing together like reading, especially books about “hauses” (horses).


As Mother's Day approaches, I think about all the ones I have celebrated with both my babies. I now understand that Mother’s Day is so much more than breakfast delivered bedside or a beautifully plated dinner. Mother’s Day is about honoring what a mama gives her baby. And, as Catherine reminded me, it’s not the material things.  


This week, we wanted to celebrate the intangibles all moms - human and animal -give their babies: protection, life skills and that gentle touch that brings instant calm. In the days ahead, you might remember all your mama has given you or what you have given your own babies. May the words written in the oversized card with cutout letters, given or received, bring you back to that motherly adoration. Sending you my love this Mother’s Day. 

Jenny Hubbard


 Friends, we got you covered!

Mr. "T" Celebrates Nature's Magnificent Moms

Join the sanctuary's naturalist & educator, Mr. "T", as he explores the sanctuary for signs of magnificent moms! Whether a deer, coyote, bug or squirrel, animal moms are pretty incredible...learn why!


 Animals, we got you covered!

Dr. Emily Talks Doggy Moms!

Join Dr. Emily Andersen from our veterinary partner, Valley Veterinary Hospital as she shares the wonders of doggy moms and their puppies!


Ask The Vet!

"I have two female cats and one is pregnant. How will the other cat react to the new litter?"

Welcome to our NEW weekly feature: ASK THE VET! Each week, Dr. Emily Andersen will answer an animal-related question from one of our lovely followers. Do you have a question for the vet? Send it our way at 



All moms are amazing but did you know...

Alligators make extremely attentive moms! 

After creating the perfect nest of heaping vegetation, they carry the newborns in their jaws for ultimate protection. For the next full year, the alligator will assist its babes to water where they will learn to eat fish, insects, snails and other crustaceans.

Pigeons feed their young milk! 

The flamingo, pigeon, and male emperor penguin are the three species of birds that produce a milk-like substance known as crop milk or pigeon milk to feed their young ones. Pigeon milk contains immune-enhancing and antioxidant factors, and just like mammalian milk, it helps to build the immune system of the young ones.

The opossum is the only natural North American marsupial! 

Opossums reproduce twice a year and can give birth to up to 20 babies at a time. The young, called joeys, are about the size of jelly beans when they are born and immediately crawl into the mother's pouch to continue developing. Even as the joeys grow older, the mother will still carry them on her back wherever she goes, staying together for about 100 days.

Elephants give birth to the biggest babies on land at 200-250 pounds! 

Elephants carry their babies in the womb for a whole 22 months. Once baby elephants are born, the “ladies” in the herd all help “babysit.” These full-time sitters are called “Allomothers” and they help in every aspect of raising the baby elephant. The relationship between mother and baby elephant has been described as the closest of any animal on earth.

 Environment, we got you covered!

CVH Animal Sanctuary DIY - Container Herb Gardening

Join Laura King, Master Gardener and Director of Events & Programs at the sanctuary, as she shares step-by-step how to create a container herb garden...a great gift for mom or for your favorite house chef! Did you know herb gardening is good for the environment as well? It's just one of the small ways to take pressure off the overworked global food system AND is pesticide free!



 Inspiration, we got you covered!

Talk about a leap of faith! These wood ducks have such trust in their mother's call, they'll follow her anywhere.


"We are born of love; Love is our mother." 

– Rumi