Hey friends, 

we survived another month!


While we’re twiddling our thumbs waiting for answers on our move and on my husband’s homecoming, the kids and I have been distracting ourselves with devouring 8-minute popsicles every afternoon (more about that in the things-you-need-in-your-kitchen post below!), going on walks around the neighborhood, and playing outside as much as possible; I’m also still prepping for our move and attempting to organize and purge more.


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For when you're ready for a break from the kids...


When I just need some time to myself during these never-ending days, I let the kids hop on Netflix. I made their own profile with mom-approved “learning” shows featured in their “my list” section. When I tell them they can go on Netflix they know that’s where they can watch things, and I know that at the very least they’re watching something somewhat educational. Click here for a free download of what’s on their list of approved shows.


For when you realize your eyes aren't 21 anymore...


I’ve been wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses for a few months, and I’m absolutely noticing less eye strain when I’m on my laptop and phone. 


For when you need all the coffee and a little laugh...


I'm personally feeling partial to this mug at the moment. It's from Spouse-ly—a one-stop shop boutique featuring military/vet spouse-owned businesses; perfect since Military Spouse Appreciation Day is just around the corner (May 8)!


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Need at-home Cinco De Mayo recipe ideas?

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The days are so monotonous, long, and H A R D that I’m trying to find at least one good thing from every day. Yesterday, for example, my daughter learned how to ride her bike! 

Reply back with ONE good thing from yesterday or today; I’d love to see some positivity floating around.



Speak soon, friend!




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