Hey Friend,


Last week we talked about your external spaces, but this week are going inward. 

Have you created a space inside of you that you can come back to, no matter what?⁠

How often do we ignore our needs that may be hiding underneath a layer of things that barrage us daily? If we don't have a stable home inside of ourselves, everywhere we go we will not feel stable. A fresh start isn't going to heal us - our wounds will still be there. (Trust me, I've tried)⁠

"What do I need right now?"⁠

We must ask ourselves this in order to find out what our bodies and souls need. It sounds ✨ woo woo ✨ but it's a simple question. ⁠

Because you know, deep down, that waking up and checking your phone, or scrolling every break you have is not serving you. Checking the news constantly won't give you any solace. Comparing yourself to others will only cause more grief. 

Creating a home inside yourself can be a very visual practice - a cozy space just to call your own, full of its own scents, warmth, feelings and sounds. We create this to turn into our deepest selves and not as an escape but as a place to check in. We know it well. ⁠

We create this space because we want to have the time and space for our own energy and a place where we aren't affected by others energy. This is a creative space of thinking and reflecting - creating the life that you have been meaning to create.⁠



The above is from an Instagram post on my page this week. Are we friends on there yet? 


Tell me, what is your internal home decorated with?



Road House. My boyfriend really likes Patrick Swayze? Dirty Dancing might be next. 



Microgreens. Baby kale to start. There are a few little sprouts already!  



‣ Human Design session with Carla Russo. It was so fascinating! 



Yoga with Adriene's "Home" Yoga Series. I've been doing this since... January and I'm only halfway through. Goes to show that you can do a 30 day challenge in a longer time span! 


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