Hey Friend,


I don't know what your situation is, but I can imagine that your current daily life has changed due to the pandemic.


A majority of us that can still work, work from home. Those who commute into the jobs that a still open have been put on the front line with (presumably) new anxieties (and I thank those who are out there everyday). We are experiencing a shift in how we can move about the world. 


Quarantine has collapsed our first and second spaces, and diminished our third space.

What is a first, second, third space?


First = traditionally, the place you call home

Second = normally a workspace/coworking space

Third = a tertiary place where you find solace, like a coffee shop, gym, a park (in which some are now closed) local restaurant, library, coworking space, even commuting on a train or bus.


With being at home more than ever, you might find yourself feeling a blurriness between work, life, and recreation. Suddenly we have gone from 3+ spaces to just one.


I have been living in a 1-bedroom(ish) apartment for over the past year, and I would say that I've become an expert in giving each section of the room a purpose.

My desk is right next to me bed... which yes, it could be tempting to roll right out of bed and get to work. But that's not the kind of life I want to live. And some days when I am at my desk, I want to roll right back into bed.


How did I make my space work for me?

  1. I have a lamp next to my desk that is only on when I am working. Turning it off signals to my brain that it is time to relax.
  2. I carved a corner next to my closet for meditation and journaling, knowing that I would only use that space for connection with myself.
  3. My couch is neutral territory - for reading or watching TV, but I love my couch and I hold no grudges.
  4. When I am done working, I try to go for a walk or switch gears and head into the kitchen. Something to create a separation between work life/ relaxing life.

Each space in the room has a purpose, because otherwise I would lose my mind! By doing this exercise, we are preserving mental energy by not starting from scratch everyday when we are doing our daily routines. 


I am lucky to be quarantining at my parents house, which has much more space to spread out and much closer to nature. I've converted my old bedroom into my office (which is quite a different luxury than my apartment!)


Now that our spaces have been smushed into one - what can you do to give each space a purpose? (Get creative here - these are just examples!)

  • Utilize your front porch for coffee and relaxing before and after work
  • If you have an office with a door, SHUT IT!
  • Can you set up a desk instead of working on the kitchen table? (Folding tables work great)
  • Designate a corner or a shelf for your activities you want to work on after work
  • Set up chats with friends, grab a cup of coffee or tea and pretend you are sitting across from each other in a coffee shop
  • Create your home gym - whether its a laptop and a yoga mat - pick a place where you will return to for your exercise

I hope this helps you evaluate your space and free up some mental energy knowing that each area in your house has a purpose. 



Tell me, what new spaces would you like to create in your home?



Ozark on Netflix. Talk about bingeworthy!

‣ Did you catch the new SNL (From Home)? It was quite interesting to see their take on "working from home". Two of my faovrite clips - Visualizations with Aidy and Whatcha Cookin' On (with Kyle and Beck) 



Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I have never read this before and it's making me appreciate the movie so much more!



Creative Elements podcast by Jay Clouse. If you're creative (which I know you are) you'll enjoy these conversations Jay has with people like Seth Godin (!), James Clear and Ash Ambirge. 



New Mantra Reminder over on my Instagram


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