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 Now, I've got some very cool bookish updates and a little teaser for you below....



This week my story Foster has been released along with 12 other unique Wolf Shifter tales in the anthology, Dark Moon Falls Volume 2 . The reviews are rolling in and I want to thank all of my ARC readers for helping to spread the word, your reviews are just fantastic and I know the hard work you put in getting the stories read on time and posting to several platforms, thank you. 


You may not know this, but reviews are extremely important to authors. It is the best way to say thanks to an author for writing a story that entertained you, or made you laugh, that touched you in any way. Your review is your own experience of that story. If you enjoyed it, we writers want to know, and you're letting others know that they might like it too too when you write a review.  It can be short, it can be long, totally up to you. So, on behalf of every author out there THANK YOU for leaving reviews!  


Okay, now who is ready for my new addition to the Dire Wolf Mates books? Breaking Sass is my next contribution to MT Worlds Sassy Ever After series and it is live on Amazon and KU tomorrow. 


Next week, look for Polar Outbreak, book 2 in my Barvale Clan Tales featuring a spunky Black Bear and her reluctant Polar Bear Mate.


Here is a snippet just for you:


“You might as well know from the start, this isn’t casual for me,” she began.

“It’s not?” he swallowed.

“No, it’s not. The truth is, my she-Bear isn’t interested in anyone else. Just you.”

She waited while they sat frozen in the moment. Locke didn’t move either. He didn’t blink or even breathe.

Shit. Maybe she did this wrong? Just when she was going to open her mouth to backtrack what she’d blurted, the most amazing thing happened. Locke Nanouk leaned over the table and kissed her.

It was a small, little nothing of a kiss, but she felt the whispery light touch like a butterfly’s wings coasting over her lips, all the way down to her toes.

Her heart pounded, pulse raced, and pure unadulterated bliss flowed through her from the airy contact. It was as if fireworks were going off somewhere in the distance at that tiny meeting of lips. Then he spoke, and she felt them explode inside and around her.

“You are mine, Nita Jacobs. Mine.


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