lots of masks and nowhere to go

Happy Friday everyone!  This week was a big week for me - I conquered a big fear ... going to the grocery store. I meant to go Monday morning, but finally worked up the courage on Wednesday... and I DID IT!  


Ok - let me explain. I suffer from anxiety, and nothing brings out anxiety quite like a pandemic! As my husband will surely tell you, my anxiety can rear its head in the craziest of ways. Currently, mine is leaving the house during this strange time. I have thought about it, and it isn't so much that I am scared of getting Covid-19, I mean, of course, I don't want it but ... my real anxiety is centered around how everything is different. 


I like what is familiar.  I love going to the market in Vermont especially, where I know everyone and they know me. It takes me forever to shop because I have to stop and chat with everyone. So, at the very start of quarantine, I went to the store and shelves were empty, some people were in masks and gloves (this was before everyone started wearing them) and no one was smiling.  I came out, got in my car, and burst into tears. It was awful. After that, I couldn't bring myself to go back. Luckily, my husband is a much calmer and less neurotic person than I, so he has been doing our shopping. 


The thought of going to the store, having to wait in line, 6 feet from everyone else, and having to follow arrows around the store was just too much for me! But this week the fridge was empty and I needed to do a big shop. I realized this wasn't ending anytime soon and I had to get back out there. So, I made my list in the order of where things were are located the store and then proceeded to have a full-on panic attack before I even left the house. I even had to call one of my best friends for a pep talk.  BUT - I finally did it ... and of course, it was not that bad and I didn't even have to wait in line.


I am sure many of you who also have anxiety are finding it hard to manage during this time. Hang in there. ... And speaking of masks I put my colorful favs on the blog today. Scroll down below to catch what you may have missed on the blog this week, including a new Woman that Inspires


Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!


xo, whitney


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