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Outside my kitchen window, the lilacs are blooming, a sure sign it will soon be summer and a reminder that Catherine's birthday is right around the corner. Some days I see the memories of Catherine everywhere in the sights and sounds of the peonies, baby animals, chirping birds - all seemingly simple signs that offer a Catherine sensory overload. 


This time of year, the scent of blooming lilacs would always fill Catherine's bedroom. A single waft now takes me back to those warm spring nights, windows open as Catherine would cozy in close and complain it was way too early for bed. She would wrap her arms tight around my neck and demand I stay. I can still see her eyes twinkling in the knowledge that I would absolutely cave. I can still feel her arms as she pulled me close, promising she wasn’t letting go. Nose-to-nose, I can smell her shampooed hair and the sunscreen on her cheeks. These are the sights, smells, sounds and touch that are unmistakably Catherine. And I have to believe this is the case for you as well. Surely, there are sights, scents, smells, touch and taste you can claim as your own...a season's promise of rebirth and renewal. 


This week, as we explore the sensational senses of nature, may you be reminded of that which delights your senses and all that is to come ahead. 

Jenny Hubbard


 Friends, we got you covered!

CVH Animal Sanctuary DIY - Homemade Violet Syrup

Join Master Gardener and sanctuary friend, Barb Baron, as she shares step-by-step how to make a delectable syrup from violets. The sense of taste never had it so good!


 Animals, we got you covered!

Ask The Vet!

"How do I know how far to trim my dog's nails?"

Join Dr. Emily Andersen from our veterinary partner, Valley Veterinary Hospital, as she answers this week's question with the help of her dog, Mona! Do you have a question for the vet? Send it our way at



 Environment, we got you covered!

Mr. "T" Explores Sensational Senses - Sight & Color 

Join the sanctuary's naturalist & educator, Mr. "T", as he explores the sights and colors of the sanctuary. Learn the reason behind the colors of nature, who they attract and the ways animals see very differently than we do!


Mr. "T" Explores Sensational Senses - Sound 

Join Mr. "T", as he explores the sounds of the sanctuary. Learn the who, what and why behind the animal noises all around us!


 Inspiration, we got you covered!

How do we become one with life? By finding the stillness and presence in every moment. Tune into the senses...the tastes, smells, sounds, sights and textures that surround. They'll always bring you back to YOU and the NOW.


"Be here now." 

– Ram Dass