The mind has powers that allow us to go beyond what we think is possible.


Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced more synchronicity and unexpected events in my life and work than I have in the recent past.


New and unexpected people, conversations, projects, and directions just show up. Everything seems to flow and connect to everything else in the most intriguing ways.


It’s very much like what I experienced during a period in my life six to ten years ago.


After feeling a bit disoriented and demotivated due to recent world events, it’s been a welcome change.


I wondered, what changed?


During the past week, I’ve had an opportunity to talk with a number of people who subscribe to this newsletter.


Last week’s newsletter, How to Allow Life to Lead the Way, received an unusual response. Seven people contacted me after reading it to let me know that it had touched them deeply.


But something started to jump out at me as the conversations with this group of people occurred this past week.


I started to realize there was a connection with a person and group I associated with in the past. And interestingly, this group had just formed again after being dormant for the past six years.


It’s also a group that’s led by someone who has been a mentor and guide to me, Elyse Hope Killoran. It was Elyse who asked me this question that I shared in last week’s newsletter:


"Is it possible that someone like Joseph Jaworski might, in this unprecedented time, perceive that “surrendering to life unfolding” could be a “leadership” activity?"


Elyse is the founder of Coming Home to Ourselves. She describes the group as “an experimental colab that helps change agents and catalysts become self resourced.”



Here’s where things get interesting.


For the past month, I have been working on a project to capture insights from the book Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski.


I uncover insights in a unique way that brings new awareness by holding the question “What’s most intriguing here?” while reading the book.


This week, I reached the section in the book that discusses the topic of one mind. This was an idea that was vaguely familiar to me, but I didn’t really remember or know what it was all about.


Here’s how Jaworski describes what he learned about one mind from quantum physicist, David Bohm:


I learned that when we are working as a group where no barriers exist, there is actually a single intelligence or one mind at work. 


There is no separation between us ⏤ even when we are apart. 


We are operating as one.


When I consider all that is happening across all the activities and projects I’m involved with, there is an uncanny connection and relationship between everything.


It feels like it's all connected and operating as one.


But before I go, here's a sneak peek at the synchronicity project I mentioned. 


The presentation is about 60% complete, but it gets updated every few days. A few people I've shared it with have found a lot of value in it already.


In my next email, I hope to talk about it more and also about a special project that is emerging that is too early to talk about in this issue.


Because, in my mind, questions, synchronicity, and one mind are the future.


As always,

To your great work life & success!

Bill Fox

Photo Credit: Raphael Brasileiro, Unsplash.