You're a Pretty Big Deal Around Here


With everything in flux during the COVID-19 pandemic, family bonds are more important than ever. Today is Mother’s Day in Canada and I am wishing I could spend it with my Mom, as I am sure most of us are.

Of course, nowadays rules are being rewritten everywhere — the way we spend time with loved ones, how we shop, the way we work, all of it has changed forever. Given that’s the case, who says we need to only celebrate our Mom? Mother figures, mentors, the sweet neighbor who constantly bakes you cookies — it’s a good time to remind people in your life that they are important to you. Lets not forget all the women who have shaped us to who we are today.

my appreciation for you knows no bounds.


Because you have helped shape me into who I am and have helped me grow my business to what it is today - I want to celebrate YOU and the best way I can do that, from behind my computer, is to help you.


Which is why I want to give you my Discover Your Purpose Bootcamp, free. This is going to help you discover your passion and get you started on doing the work that you truly love. 

No, sign ups, no stipulations, no conditions, just a free gift, from me to you. To say thank you because you are kind of a big deal to me.

xo, joelene