Mallory here!

Hey girl hey! I'm so glad you're here  to check out what I'm hyping up all the time! Wellness clubs changed my life as well as the lives of the 100's of girls I've worked with. I know they can change yours, too!



What is a wellness club?



To keep it simple sister, a wellness club is a private online group where you'll find all the support & accountability you could ever dream of. Each member gets individual attention from me, daily encouragement, accountability, a place to share struggles & victories, and a sense of community! #girlgang

Lifestyle changes can be hard AF, but they don't have to be.

I get it because I tried everything and nothing worked. I was missing two key things:

  1. A Program that's proven to work. I'd youtube random workouts, do squat challenges from Pinterest, even worked at the flippin YMCA and only stepped in the actual gym three times. I had no idea what I was doing, so no wonder I wasn't seeing results. Our programs have helped literally THOUSANDS of people reach their goals. Our routines have been tested over and over and over again on real actual people like you and me. You know all those jaw dropping before and after pictures you see from our programs? HOMIE THEY ARE REAL! I'll include some below from girls I work with and have met in real life. ;) Sheesh, I'm one of them, too!
  2. Accountability! The random girl who made the squat challenge graphic for Pinterest didn't give two poo's if I actually did it. When you join my wellness club, not only do you receive weekly check ins from me, but you're SURROUNDED by women who want the same things you do. Just think for a much more likely would you be to show up consistently when everyone around you is doing it, too?!

So what do you get when you join?

*Access to thousands of dollars worth of fitness programs developed by celebrity trainers, which you can take with you anywhere you go. Want to workout in your living room? Cool! Outside? Cool! The gym? COOL! Get it girl. Our library of over 60 full fitness programs can be streamed anywhere.

*Month supply of superfoods or performance supplements (the stuff you see me use every single day!)

*Daily accountability & tracking in our own private app, fitness & nutrition tips, recipes, and all the love and support you need!

You in?! YESSS BABE! 

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we're in this together.

xo, mallory





I'm a wife, girl mama, dog rescuing, Target addict.  My happiest days are spent on our farm in Indiana, and inspiring women to step into God's purpose for their life--feeling confident AF.