the big benefits of SLOW DESIGN 



This might surprise you since my entire job consists of changing things in people’s homes, but I am all about Slow Design. I’m not actually sure that’s a real term, but maybe you’ve heard of Slow Fashion? Basically it’s about making really intentional decisions about what clothes you buy, or in this case, what you bring into your home. Not obsessing about trends or having the latest and greatest, but buying things you love that will serve you for years to come. 

I bought these dining chairs SIXTEEN years ago. I was in college and rather than buying cheap junk I saved a couple extra paychecks and bought something timeless instead of settling for something cheap, and they still look amazing. If I were buying new ones today are these the exact ones I would buy with all of the options out there in the world? Nah, probably not. Is that a good enough reason to get rid of them? Not for me! At least not right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to change up our space regularly. The space above has a long list of things I'd like to change. Turning the water heater closet on the right into a proper pantry and getting rid of the beige tile for wood floors just to name a couple. But until we are ready for those larger projects I'll move things around or add in some new accessories or light fixtures. I always shop my own house first, because moving things from one space to another gives them new life. And when it's time to purchase those important foundational pieces, we think through them and don't impulse buy.



Designing Slowly has huge benefits, like:


- It leaves you time and space to see how a room could be and make little adjustments as you go. You can layer things to be sure they are working together the way you'd hoped. 


- It's definitely easier on the wallet. If you are always chasing what is new and next, you'll find you will feel the need to redo your space every year or season. Instead focus on things that you love that have some longevity so you can enjoy your space for years to come.


- The best part, though? It takes the pressure off. With Slow Design you don't have to make every decision all at once. Designing your home should be fun and enjoyable, not a stressful high-stakes endeavor.

Sometimes, though, we don't have the luxury of designing things over time and we have to outfit a room (or a house) from top to bottom in one swoop. When that's the case we love to bring in things that look old that help the space feel collected and not too shiny and new. We also leave breathing room for our clients to add their personal touches to it over time. A room isn't ever really done. They evolve and change as our lives (needs, kids, jobs, tastes) evolve and change.


And in all cases, whether we are designing slowly or all at once, we rely heavily on this one, most critical, insanely important foundational step. The Mood Board.


What's a mood board you ask? Well let me tell you.



Wishing you all a wonderful relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Everyone stay safe out there! We love you guys.