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My final new release for May came out last Friday and shot all the way to #1 in New Releases in an Amazon category and I can't thank you all enough! So proud to see that orange banner flying on this book for over a week already! 


My second installation of the Barvale Clan Tales, Polar Outbreak is available on KU, you can read Locke's and Nita's story free with your subscription. And hey, leave a review and let me know how you enjoyed it.


Reviews are not as scary as you think, they are simply meant for you to express your enjoyment of that particular book or item and to recommend it (or not) to others. It's not a contest or book report. You can just drop about 20-25 words to say "hey, i liked this story. it was entertaining and i recommend you read it if you are into the genre." Easy peasy. ;-) And yet it means so much to the author. So, thank you to everyone who leaves a review after you have finished reading. You rock!


We are entering day 1683930&%$0-83970th of quarantine and I don't know about you, but for me it certainly has its ups and downs. Just remember staying safe is important for you and your loved ones. So, when you feel all alone just know it is okay to reach out to someone you know or open up your favorite social media platform just to check up on folks. Or, hey, just pick up a book and escape for a bit. My fictional friends are sometimes the only things keeping me sane. LOL. But seriously.


To brighten up the days ahead, I am taking part in a Christmas in July Shifers All the Way cross promotion with a group of fabulous authors led by the incomparable Julia Mills. We will have some brand new holiday tales and some old goodies thrown in and on sale or free throughout the month of July! I am working on a Barvale Clan Christmas Tale starring two characters I recently introduced in Polar Outbreak, look for A Bear for Christmas, a second chance holiday love story this July, preorder link is below. 


Shifters All The Way is going to be great! Stay tuned here for all the deets as I will share them weekly.


Look for my June preorders below and reserve yours today ;-).

I am so thrilled you let me drop in on you like this every week and I sincerely hope you enjoy our chats. I know I do. ;-) 


Wherever you are, I wish you safe and happy always <3


Happy Reading.


del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri



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