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hey there, friend!

Happy Weekend!  How are you feeling?  

 I've had a busy week finishing up projects and meeting with new clients.  And finding small moments of joy... making risotto on a weeknight after discussing it with my sister-in-law...stretching out on the couch with my morning coffee and enjoying the flowers I bought for myself for absolutely no reason.  Little moments between the busy.  


When the flowers were delivered, it included a card that read "Mel has sent you flowers!" and it made me laugh... to: Me, from: Me, love: Me.  But it reminded me that these little things like bright flowers and standing in one place to stir risotto for 45 minutes are the things that are holding me together right now. And I'm the only one that can control my outlook, and that's okay. So go ahead, order the flowers for yourself.  Make the risotto.  You are WORTH it.


This weekend, I'm going to start making plans for 'ole Hurricane Season (please oh please let it be mild because I absolutely CANNOT).  I also need to clean up this mess of a house.  Eventually, the piles cannot be ignored any longer for safety reasons...


I hope that wherever you are, you're able to find small bits of joy, and are making it through.  Here's what has been helping to get me through this week...




I am missing restaurants.  They won't ever be like the before times ever again, but that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about a leisurely Sunday brunch in a bustling yet cozy spot like Samara in Seattle.  Designed by Mutuus, it's soft palette and warm woods with layered textures just feels right.  Also, their food is cooked via open fire and that sounds delicious.  Someday...






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Take care of yourself, okay?






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